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 Here is a Nice Western Electric 233G three slot payphone with 685 subset and original wood backboard that is pretty much in Original condition.


It works fully as a home phone. You can place calls and the matching 685 subset signals the calls with a beautiful ring. The ringer is adjustable from the outside with a lever.


When you drop Quarters, Nickels and Dimes each produce a different sound as they hit the internal gongs.



This as it is set came from a Drug store and was in a place that it could not be tampered with or vandalized which was the fate of many other payphones. This payphone is as found and the finish is not perfect but as you can see from the pictures still very nice. The porcelain daisy dial plate is in excellent condition. The coin relay is also still there. This beauty also has the bakelite coin bucket. Usually these are damaged from years of usage. This one is undamaged.



The handset is a Western Electric G1 bakelite which is in great condition with a heavy duty armored handset cord . This payphones coin relay does work. I have unhooked the coin relay ( 1 wire) so this could be used as a home phone. Relay wire can always be hooked up again, nice 3 slot payphone has 2 nice chrome direction signs.


The Top Flag or top sign will be removed for shipping.


A 7ft cord have been added so you can use this phone in your home or man cave.
You will receive 2 working locks and keys, one for the upper housing and one for the vault door.
There are not too many payphone sets like this that are complete as taken out o service
The Vault door is nice Chrome and almost looks new.
We sell coin boxes separately as an accessory.


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