Candlestick upper grommets

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Here are the grommets you need for Western Electric candlestick telephones that have the hole in the transmitter cup.

20AL candlesticks need this grommet as well as many other Western Electric candlesticks. You receive 2 grommets that are exactly like the original. 

WE Transmitter Grommets

Written by Lynn Noller on 17th Feb 2024

These grommets are just right for the WE transmitter cups, except the fit is too tight. An easy fix is to make a cut through the threads, all the way down the center of the grommet almost to the lip using a hacksaw, etc. This enables the two threaded sides to squeeze together as you screw the grommet into place. You will end up with a nice fit and the thin cut will not be noticeable. Lynn

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