Western Electric 3 Slot Payphone handset + cord Bell Systems 302

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Here is an older style handset for your Western Electric 3 slot payphone, Bell systems.

 Comes polished with cord, ready to install. These were on the older 3 slot payphones. I like putting them on even the 233G payphones.

These work well on 302 telephones and other telephones as well. You get a nice black cord with restraints that will compliment any phone.

It gives you an older look and feel because these are made of heavy bakelite. Don't worry if you have a 4-conductor cord at present I will tell you how to hook the 3-conductor cord to your payphone.

If you prefer a new coil cord installed on the handset instead let me know. I have new 3 and 4 conductor handset cords and I will install them for the same price.

Happy to find this quality handset here!

Written by undefined on 29th Oct 2019

My model 191ish Payphone had a G style handset and a coiled cord. I wanted the original F1 bakelite handset and straight wire cord for a more vintage and accurate look. The handset was clean, polished and in great shape, along with the cord. Very pleased with the quality and price.

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