Vintage Western Electric 302 Bakelite Thermoplastic Rotary Telephone

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Here is a very nice, very original Western Electric telephone. It is the model 302. It was the first Western Electric telephone to be designed with out a subset  or outside ringer. Everything is self contained. In 1941 due to the war and the critical need for metal, the 302 telephone went thru a major change and was then  made of thermoplastic. This is the thermoplastic and Bakelite model.

 Some call this the Dreyfus phone as Henry Dreyfus (1904-1972)  was the designer of this Art Deco telephone from the thirties. Others call this the Lucy phone as this telephone was used on the black and white television series I Love Lucy.

This was and is in my opinion. The finest telephone ever made or designed. No telephone has ever been designed that could ever compete with the 302. The best working Art deco phone... a real workhorse,  after the 302 model everything went in the way of being made cheap.

 This telephone has been painstakingly restored  just for you. The body has been buffed to a high gloss by an actual employee of the old AT&T who worked at the time refinishing telephones for them. 

We use only  top quality black  coil handset  cord and a nice  brown woven cloth  wall cord  that was manufactured just for telephone restoration for antique telephones. The wall cord has a modular plug on the end, so all that is left for you is to just plug it in and use it. The heavy deep black bakelite handset has been highly buffed and polished. We use nothing phoney on our handsets.

Others are asking $40 extra for a #5 dial. We always include the #5 dial as we sell only the best telephone for the money

 The #5 dial has been cleaned and calibrated and lubricated. The nickel finger stop polished. The beautiful sounding brass bells have been polished to bring the best sound. We have recovered the bottom feet with new leather that is exactly like the original.

 Many hours have been spent restoring this  302 desk set.

 We hope that you will get great enjoyment from listening to the old ring that only an antique telephone can provide.

 This Western Electric 302 telephone works well and will give you a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

Good phone

Written by RDW on 29th Jul 2022

Very good works with my bluetooth device thru the cell

Classic Old Phone

Written by undefined on 25th Aug 2021

I love my new bakelite rotary phone. Already tested it out and it works great. It plugs right in to a modern phonejack, the ringer sounds great (brings back a lot of memories), and communication through the handset is crystal clear. I love it! Thank you!

A classic that works like a champ!

Written by Bill Clayton on 14th Mar 2019

I love making and receiving calls on this fully functional Western Electric Model 302 desk phone! I simply plugged it into my existing landline jack and started dialing friends. The smooth rotary action of the dial, the clarity of the sound, and the ergonomic design and solid feel of the handset are amazing. There's something about the handset, in particular, that makes one feel important and "in command" when using it. And the entire phone is a thing of beauty, with its polished thermoplastic body, carefully refurbished dial with Bell System label, and bakelite handset. I couldn't be more pleased!

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