Telephone Exchange Intercom For Rotary Phones (Room 2 Room Calling)

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New Product for rotary phone lovers!

Possibly the only Phone System available to Call Room-to-Room!

Your rotary phone will not just be for looks anymore    :  This product  designed this product for people with rotary phone and  rotary phone collection.  We had 3 phones in the house, and we don’t use a home phone line. We had  fancy phones and antique rotary dial phones  and wanted to use them in the house- calling me from an  office or bedroom, to my workshop. With this  system you can  call between 5 phones in your home. You can be  called for lunch on a rotary phone! It has been a lot of fun to use.  The best part is you do not need phone service to use .

Never worry about a bill!


Call from Phone 1 (bedroom, office, etc)   to phone 2 ( kitchen, hallway, etc)

Box operates up to 5 phones     

Does not require a telephone service



New Feature! Centralized calling (Ring all phones feature)-One number can produce a ring to all phones

Buyer must message to choose 4 digit custom numbers  – Please message seller at purchase!! Otherwise default version with 4 digit default numbers will be supplied.


Parts included for Instant setup:

Technical manual

Power supply

User may select the call number for each phone (Message me to select your numbers)



Rotary phones only, must be working and have a functioning bell.

Does not operate with touch-tone phones (unless they have a pulse dial switch)

Does not work using a commercial phone company (No Wiretapping, ever)

Also NEVER connect to an external phone service as this will damage the exchange.

Device uses RJ11 sockets. Phones need to be fitted with RJ11 plugs.

This listing is for the exchange and power adapter only.

Standard and fully loaded versions are also available and come with adapters and cables to use phones that have not been modified. They also come with extra features like 3 or 5 digit number dialing and optional UK ring tone

Calling Numbers

You can choose your own numbers when you order, or use preset Default numbers :  


To call Line 1/phone1 dial 0121

                Line 2./phone2- 0122

                Line 3/phone 3- 0123

       Line 4/phone 4- 0124

       Line 5/phone 5- 0125

Ring all phone calling: 1111

If you require 3 or 5 digit numbers you will need the "Telephone Exchange Intercom For Rotary Phones (Room 2 Room Calling) Standard" version or above.


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