Ringing capacitor for ringers

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This is what you need to get your ringer to ring if you do not have a capacitor.

Simply wire this to a ringer along with a line cord and your auxiliary ringer box or bell box will ring.

 Or it will make the ringer in your telephone ring if you are missing the capacitor.  You will receive only 1 capacitor. 

Perfect For Old Ringer Box

Written by Doug on 14th Oct 2021

It's doing what it's supposed to do. My old wooden ringer box didn't work on my phone line with my old Western Electric candlestick until I connected this.

Old project

Written by Patrick Cartwright on 29th Mar 2021

I want to make an old ringer box work with a candlestick phone I received several years ago. I just needed the ringer box to work with an incoming call. This did the trick.

It Works!

Written by Bill on 3rd Mar 2021

Kind of binary - either it works or it doesn't. Make sure you wire this capacitor in SERIES with your ringer. It prevents the line from seeing a voltage drop across your ringer coils which would indicate the phone is off-hook. If your phone is off-hook, it won't ring. It works great, and doesn't draw current which would make the ringers quieter. As others have mentioned, if you have a magneto in your phone, this capacitor will allow both line input to ring and turning the magneto crank. Best of all, you don't need to hunt for the correct capacitor (both microfarad capacitance and voltage ratings) - just order it, wire it, and done!


Written by J. A. WEIR on 1st Dec 2020


Bats for Ringers

Written by charles guarneri on 23rd May 2013

These are great,just did ringer/mag and use these to separate for incoming and when I want to turn crank to bells.

Ring capister

Written by charles guarneri on 14th May 2013

Just great,the price great.got my ringer/magnetor to ring with the crank and ring onthe in coming calls

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