Ring Cadence Adapter for Theater

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                Ring Cadence Adapter

Used many for Theatrical productions but can be used in advertising and other uses.

This is the ultimate attachment for our Ring Generator. Now you can set the phone to ring without having someone pushing the button each time to make it ring. 

                     Ring Cadence Adapter


WHY DO YOU NEED A “Ring Cadence Adapter”. It saves the time and the attention of the person responsible to provide the telephone ringing. Simply press the “start” and you are done. It also provides a constant, accurate cadence to the ringing, which is tricky and difficult for a person to do. Once you try this, you will never go back!

 This adapter is designed to work with ring generators by TeleRing  

 Connection and operation is very simple: Plug the Ring Cadence Adapter into your Ring Generator, then plug in the telephone, & you are ready. When ringing is desired, simply press the “start” button
The Ring Cadence Adapter will ring the phone with proper intervals until it is answered. 
After the phone is picked up, the unit is automatically reset and ready for the next use. 

The Ring Cadence Adapter uses a standard plug-in power supply (included).


The tool we have been waiting for

Written by Daryl Bornstein on 24th Jan 2020

This tool makes a stage manager’s and sound operator’s job much easier. It is also a good value. It might be more convenient in some cases to have the Telephone Power supply as part of this product, but there are times when having the controller separate is an advantage. I withheld a star (grudgingly since I love this product) because the labeling and build quality could be better. It does not in anyway effect the operation, nor do I think it will have an effect on the life of the device(s). There are other products available that do some, or all, of what this one does. Most are significantly better, and aside from an extremely expensive device which is no longer available, nothing I have used works better.

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