Payphone History Book by Author Ron Knappen

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If you love Payphones you need this book. Approximately 450 page history of the payphone, Payphone booths and signs. Numerous charts and beautiful pictures. This book is the #1 book written on payphones. 

112 pages of early payphones with over 14 brand names. 200 pages dealing with the 1912-1972 3 slot payphone.

Characteristics, changes, patents and accessories. 55 pages of booths with over 15 name brands. Written by one of the most knowledgeable payphone historians

92 pages of payphone signs.

* Note that books and manuals are not returnable

Payphone History book by Ron Knappen

Written by Kyle Roberts on 23rd Oct 2023

Great book on the history of payphones, mainly the old 3 slot phones. I have learned a few things about my chrome Automatic Electric 3 slotter from this book. It also makes a great "Coffee Table Book!" I highly recommend it!

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