Automatic Electric Monophone 34 and 40 Stromberg Carlson 1212 Bottom Rubber gasket

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Nice New bottom rubber ring or gasket for Automatic Electric 34 and 40 models (AE 34 AE40). Also fits Stromberg Carlson 1212 telephone (fat phone).

 Good replacement for cracked and missing bottom covers.

Protects furniture. Exactly like the original.


Written by John on 16th Feb 2023

The base gasket I bought for my A.E. 40 is a nice, tight fit, and looks awesome!

This base worked very well

Written by Ben on 9th Apr 2013

While it isn't an exact replacement because it was round and the original was shaped more like the shape of the base, It worked well. You have to push the sides in while you tighten the base but after a short time, it conforms to the proper shape and you can't tell the difference.

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