Antique Payphone Coin Conroller 3rd Generation

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        Now you operate your prepay 3 slot payphone with Coins just like you did when they were in service 

 This payphone controller is the latest design in a series of controllers. 

             that will enable  your prepay 3-slot payphone  to function like it did back when it was in service.
 The controller primarily intended to operate the coin mechanism of later
3-slot payphones with single coil coin relays. However the controller has the capability of operating every type of prepay device,
 regardless of who made it or how old it is. This controller will work with an Xlink Bluetooth or a Voip ATA.   By installing this controller to your fully working 3 slot pre pay payphone you will be able to collect coins when making a call and also get a refund if nobody answers. Note that your payphone must be in Original as removed from service condition with no parts missing . The coin relay and wiring must be intact in order to use  this controller .
If your payphone is not please do not buy the controller.
If your payphone was supposed to use a subset you will need the subset also.
Included are detailed instructions on connecting all prepay 3 slot payphones and single slot payphone
Important note *  This is the LAST ONE IF YOU WANT IT DONT HESITATE 
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