A1 telephone with 295A subset ringer box

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Here is an original somewhat rare pretty much pristine working Western Electric A1 telephone desk set with its 295  A outside ringer subset with outside bells . This was the first desk set made after the candlestick telephone. It has the tall cradle and came out before the 102 telephone .
The telephone and its ringer box were a very early subscriber set back in a time when things were much simpler . Not too many people had phones back then and many could not afford them
This desk set and ringer fully work .
It has its seamless E1 handset . Both the earpiece and mouth piece are seamless and there is a bullet transmitter.
The dial is the correct #2 HB .
The paint is very good on this phone and the bakelite is undamaged. The nickle plating on the bells is almost flawless.
It has nice matching brown woven cloth cords . The original brown bottom felt on the phone is surprisingly  in excellent  condition
The early 295A oak  ringer  works flawlessly  when you plug it in . These were used on candlestick  telephones and A1 desk sets . 
The loud raspy clickety clack sound can be heard from the #2 dial which has been properly calibrated . Imagine what your friends and family will think when they see you using this awesome telephone.   There is nothing like the sound   from the nickel plated brass bells . Just plug it in , use and enjoy
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