A1 telephone Western Electric, #2 dial, 2HA, MARSHALL

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                                                                           Western Electric A1 telephone 

Here is an original somewhat rare Western Electric A1 telephone desk set. This was the first desk set made after the candlestick telephone. It has the tall cradle and came out before the 102 telephone. The tall cradle is clearly stamped Western Electric  Made in the USA  Patents Applied For in USA on the front side and D76869 on the back side. 
This  telephone comes from a time when things were much simpler. Not too many people had phones back then and many could not afford them.
It has the older correct seamless E1 handset . Both the earpiece and mouth piece are seamless and there is a bullet transmitter.
The dial is the correct #2 HA with the fancier fingerstop and original dial card that is stamped MARSHALL 4689. 
The paint looks to be original and is still nice but not perfect by any means . There are some defects but overall the telephone displays well.    All bakelite parts on the handset  is undamaged and shiny.  
The brown woven cloth cords are original and in great condition. 
Its original brown bottom felt was full of moth holes and has been  replaced with quality felt from Holland that matches the original felt.
The loud raspy clickety clack sound can be heard from the #2HA dial.
This is a very collectable and sought after telephone. A compatible subset would be needed to use this telephone. It looks like it would fully work if you hooked up the desk stand cord. 
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