2 Piece, 1940s 3-Slot, 5 Cent, Payphone Works off of Coins

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   Here is a very unique  5 cent payphone payphone that has a coin controller. This means it will work by depositing coins .

Very few of these beautiful payphones with the coin controller were ever built.  And only a few were ever built that are the older 2 piece style .

This 3 slot payphone also has X link so you can use Blue tooth and operate it off of a cell phone.In other words it can be operated Wireless .

For those of you that wish to operate it off of regular phone lines, you will disconnect the X link. You will be able to operate this Old payphone just as you did in the Old days. It will require coins deposited before you get a dial tone. It will collect coins. It will return the coin if Nobody answers. 

This 2 piece pay phone comes with a 634A Subset just as it would have had in 1940 and its ready to use.

Not having a phone line is no longer a problem  as this payphone gives you the option to operate wireless. 


              Called   Party Answer Supervision   

      This payphone can operate just as a payphone dis back in the old days . The coin mechanism will collect the coins once the other party answers .


                Items you will receive with the payphone

                  Xlink programmed for Called party supervision 

                 All locks and Keys 

                  An Automatic Electric Vault door

                  A top mounted 1B sign

                 An incoming call detection circuit 

                  A modern Reliable coin relay 

                  A coin control circuit with answer detection 


                   This 3 slot payphone has been powder coated which provides a durable beautiful finish . It has the older type of dial shroud with acorn nuts that was used on the 1930s payphones. It is an older model 2 piece payphone just like you see in the old black and white movies .

  Its really something that anyone would be proud to own. The fact that it will collect coins just as it did when it was in service makes it even better. 

     Thirdly it can operate wirelessly or on your phone line which give all the choices available means you never have to worry about your service provider. 

 A coin box does not come with this payphone . That is an accessory we sell separately.

This is a one of a kind payphone . The time and dedication put into this will never be duplicated . Once its gone there never will be another .  







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