TELEPHONE RING GENERATOR for Testing, displays, props

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TELEPHONE RING GENERATOR  for telephone ringing, ringer power supply NOW AVAILABLE WITH BATTERY OR PLUG IN.

Also perfect for your vintage telephone collection or theatrical needs.

This unit provides the standard ringing voltage to operate any standard telephone, old or new!

This is the standard for ringing phones. It rings loudly and at the correct frequency.

This can be used for theatrical work, vintage telephone displays, testing bench, or any application where you need to have an accurate sounding ring.  Can also be used to activate modems, answering equipment, etc. as a telco CO ring signal.

This ring generator will operate prop telephones for stage and screen.  Telephones of almost any kind or age are connected to the ring generator using standard modular connectors.
This unit will ring any telephone that works on a standard phone line.
  This is a hand held, portable telephone ringing voltage generator. It will ring a standard telephone from two 9-volt batteries . The draw is very small and these batteries will ring a telephone about 2000 times at two seconds per ring.

We also offer a ring generator that is plug in with  a cord  and runs off of AC current . It plugs into your electrical outlet   

The operating instructions are simple: connect any telephone to the modular jack and press the button! If your telephone does not have a standard modular plug, please contact us, and we may be able to provide an adapter.

This unit also has a provision for remote control.

A competitive unit sells for $179.95. This unit will work just fine and cost much less  Customers who have purchased are very happy.

Body Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 1.25" (approximate);  Weight: 8.8 oz with batteries




Phone switch

Written by Andrew Gemoets on 18th May 2023

My wife is a theatre teacher and I’m basically her at home and at school techie. This is exactly what we’ve been needing. Works perfect. Very well built and felt like it was over nighted to me.

Ring Generator

Written by Gerald on 10th Apr 2023

Great item.!! I build escape rooms as a local fundraiser and use old phones to communicate. Being able to make the phone ring inside the escape room is a must. Bench tested unit today....couldn't stop rinnnnng-rinnnng-rinnnngg. Thanks for supporting this niche!!

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