Round Coil handset cord Black Western Electric 302 Automatic Electric AE40

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Nice new never used black round coil cord made for Western Electric 302 but will work well on all others including Automatic Electric AE40, Stromberg Carlson, Kellogg and many others.

The 3 conductors are Red, Black and white and there are restraints on both ends.

These heavy duty round coil handset cords and are made to last.

None better of this type

Written by Scott Cooper on 9th Oct 2021

Bought this cord for my AE40 and it is the BEST early style coiled handset cord for a phone of the 1930's-1940's era available. It is a heavy duty cord with large coils and it also has the right coloring for cordage of that era. In addition, it lacks the 1-1/2" tails on both ends that most reproduced cords of this type seem to have...I personally dislike them myself. This cord would also go well with very early 500 phones. You'll find none better than this cord for your 30's-40's phone.

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