Make your Wood wall phone work Kit with Touchtone

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Now anyone easily make your wood wall telephone work or any other phone and be able to dial out. 

Nice Chrome touch tone dial with network. All you have to do is hook up your receiver and transmitter and cords and your switch hook and you have a working phone that will work even with digital providers.  

Comes with instructions and a wall cord and an additional ringer and condenser. (You can hook it up to use your own outside bells on your ringer but then it will not be able to stay hooked up to the magneto. With the extra ringer it will ring and you can also turn the crank on the magneto to hear the bells ring ) 


Originally these network touch tone dials sold for over $200.

You can use this touch tone dial for many various projects . With it you can easily make a working telephone from scratch 

 Kit now comes with an improved transmitter.  

Great Kit!

Written by MTO on 1st Jul 2023

I’m not really a big phone guy, or an electronics guy, but I found an early 1900’s Kellogg wood wall phone at an antique shop. I got the crazy idea to retrofit it and it didn’t take long to find this store and this kit. Simple, easy to read instructions and everything you need to make a working phone out of anything. I now have the coolest antique phone ever! ?

Touch Tone conversion kit

Written by Timothy Byram on 30th May 2023

This kit works well in converting a pay phone to a working home phone early or late type 3 slot or single slot

Wood phone touch tone conversion

Written by TB on 29th Apr 2021

Good product works well easy to do

Wall phone work kit

Written by Rob on 19th Jan 2021

Excellent product. Everything I needed to get a Swedish American Hercules fully operational. Works perfectly. I used the existing bells, and added a DPDT switch to choose between ring with incoming calls or ring with the crank generator. Consider buying the spade crimper for the terminals. I opted instead to crush them into submission like an angry monkey with pliers. Also consider ordering extra wire. There should be enough in the kit but if you have to replace any existing wires you may be short.

Wall phone work kit

Written by undefined on 4th Nov 2018

A very well made product,comes with all the bits you need,the instructions are easy to follow,it will be up and running in no time

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