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Pulse to rotary dial converter ( for digital telephone providers)

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Product Description

This is a must if you have digital telephone service. Now you can still use your rotary phone. This will convert the pulse dialing from your cool old rotary phone to DTMF tones compatible with modern VOIP equipment.

 You can even dial* and # with it. 
 Supports all rotary phones.
 Needs no batteries.
 Allows you to dial *  and # 
 Six speed dial locations plus last number redial.
 Easy setup, just plug it in and use. 

Now you can still use your wonderful rotary dial telephone. Just plug it in and your rotary telephone works like it did before. Dialing on a quality  rotary phone is great. The tactile heaviness of the dial, the finger stop. The smooth whirr of the gears, all provide you with the opportunity to slow down and think how things were earlier when life was somewhat better.

Its nice to forget about all those modern things  for a while.

There is nothing like an old phone  when ringing fills the room as it would half a century ago. Works with low voltage VOIP like Magic jack and AT &T Uverse, Comcast and others

There are several kinds out there. This one is the best and its hassle free. 



Product Reviews

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  1. Resurrected my pre-WW2 phone - works perfectly!

    Posted by SC on 30th Jan 2021

    This product was easy to install and works great. 5+++++ stars.

  2. The Dialgizmo really works!

    Posted by Hank on 9th Jan 2021

    Working with an Ooma Telo. I tested it while plugged directly to a rotary phone and it worked exactly as described. I thought I might have to pause the dial at the finger stop for a moment, but I can dial as quickly as I want and the tones keep up with my fast-fingered dialing pace.

    Then, I connected it between my Ooma Telo and the house wiring and it didn't work. Oh well I thought I guess it just isn't designed to work that way. Then I thought about it and realized there is nothing different about having it connected there vs. directly to a phone, and surmised I must have plugged it in backwards. Sure enough I did. Of course the "line" is the Ooma Telo. As Forrest Gump said I am not a smart man.

    The other DTMF landline phones are unaffected by its use and work as they always have.

    I have not yet figured out how to store speed dial numbers but... Forrest Gump.

  3. Works great!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2020

    Arrived quickly during the Christmas rush. Easy to plug in. Husband was happy to be able to have his old phone work again. The real fun began when I offered up money to the first teenager in the house that could figure out how to call me from it. #1 rule: cell phones down, no Google allowed! Quite entertaining.

  4. Works on my OOMA Telo for the whole house

    Posted by ka1axy on 13th Oct 2020

    I have the Dialgizmo connected between my OOMA Telo and the house wiring, so I can plug a dial phone in anywhere and have it work. I have a protection module attached between the Dialgizmo and the house wiring to block any surges from near-miss lightning. So far, I have dialled with an Ericofon, a WE 565, a WE 702 Princess and a WE dial lineman's handset with no problems whatsoever. I am very happy with my Dialgizmo.

    The only weirdness seems to be that on remote party hangup, the OOMA box does something to the line which causes the Dialgizmo to emit a single tone. Haven't investigated this, but it doesn't cause any problems.

  5. Works with OOMA

    Posted by ka1axy on 12th Oct 2020

    Got one of these and it works fine with my OOMA box. I have it plugged into the box between the box and my house wiring, with a protector on the house wiring side to handle induced spikes from lightning. It works great with all my dial phones. Well worth the cost.

  6. This worked with AT&T U verse

    Posted by Jason Hochman on 15th Jun 2020

    I was able to use this to dial with my old Western Electric 500 from the 1950s and my old Princess probably from the 1960s. No problem to install--just plug the cable from the phone into the device, and plug the device into the jack. The unit is very small and doesn't get in the way at all. No batteries or power cord required. Just make sure that you have an AT&T jack that is actually set up for a phone! These days everyone uses a cell phone so the household phone jacks might not be connected, as I found out.

    when using the device to dial, timing is important. What I mean is that when you dial a digit, you need to wait a second--the Dialgizmo converts the dial tones to a beep, like a touch tone. So you have to wait a moment for the beep, but if you are too slow, the phone gives you the message "Your call cannot be completed as dialed." No sleeping while dialing! Your old phone may not ring as loudly as you recall. This has nothing to do with the device; it is because the new VOIP and digital phone systems are lower voltage than the old phone lines.

    My only complaint is that this unit seems a bit high priced for what it is. It might not be that sturdy over time. But, it does come all the way from Australia. It is the only one I know for sure works with AT&T U verse.

  7. True Plug and Play

    Posted by Gregory Larson on 3rd Jun 2020

    Unlike others I looked at, there was no ambiguity as to it being able to work and no worries trying to figure out how to configure or set it up. Worked out of the box as advertised. Truely plug and play. I used it on an old 1960's payphone Connected to Comcast's VoIP service.

  8. Perfect!

    Posted by LA on 27th May 2020

    Ordering was easy and it arrived so fast. I plugged my VoIP Router into one phone plug in my house and plugged the converter with my rotary phone into another phone plug and it worked perfectly! I’m so glad to have my phone working again.

  9. Quick and works

    Posted by Kathryn Fautz on 18th May 2020

    Got the product within a few business days and attached it fix my calling out problem instantly!

  10. LOVE IT

    Posted by LAA on 12th May 2020

    I used my rotary on a direct land mine for years and moved overseas and it was in storage. Upon return, I’m now on VoIP and had now idea how to get my phone to work until I found this via an internet search. I took a gamble and ordered it and two days later it was at my house and working as soon as I plugged it in. So happy!

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