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   Here are what some of our customers have said about us

Recently I bought a leather bottom for a 202 from you.  I attached it and to me it is much more authentic than felt.  I was very pleased with it.
More recently I purchased a 302 from you which arrived yesterday.  It's not only beautiful, but guess what?  It actually WORKS!!!  Thank  you so much!
This is the FOURTH phone I've purchased though eBay.  The first, a 202 took me over two weeks of sending first the received cap, then disconnecting the phone from the sub set, and sending the phone itself back.  Finally the phone came back to me and finally it worked.
The second was a 302 which arrived, looked very nice, and didn't work as was claimed.  Rather than send it back (my choice) the seller gave me a partial refund.  It's in a storeroom in my home.
The third is a 302 which looks nice but didn't work the minute I plugged it in.  I'm in the process of mailing it back for a full refund.
So the point is, THANK YOU.  I will not be buying any more telephones unless I buy them from YOU, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your expertise and selling products that live up to their descriptions on eBay.  Can you imagine how frustrating all this has been for me?
Have a great day, and thanks again.
Don Elarton
I received my phones yesterday and tested them out.  They work  great!  Thank you for all of your work on my telephones.
On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 6:38 PM, Nancy Flavin  wrote:
Good Evening !
The phone looks amazing ! Beautiful work ! Thank you so much !
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 Hi, Our phone arrived yesterday and we thank you for your quick  service.  We are leaving it in the packaging as we are in the process of  moving home to Michigan.  We can’t wait to get it up and running  there.  Again, many thanks.  Ann & Ted
I received my phones yesterday and tested them out.  They work  great!  Thank you for all of your work on my telephones.


  I just received the candlestick phone back that I sent for restoration. You really have outdone yourself on this one. You have restored many phones for us in the past and do beautiful work. But I cant believe my eyes. The nickle plating and the green cords are exactly what I wanted. I cant thank you enough

           Nora Johnston


         Old Phone shop,

     A friend of mine referred me to you a while back. I've been a steady customer for a few years. You have always managed to come up with any part I needed, even when others failed. I received the 1937 Western Electric 302 today and I want to tell you that I am extremely happy. I plan on ordering another telephone from you very shortly. Possibly a payphone, as your payphones appear to be the best I've ever seen. I will send you some pictures of our phone display shortly   



Mark - 
I just received the phone/lamp restored by you.  Wow!  What a superb restoration.  I could talk about the attention to detail, the flawless painting, the cloth cords and the value add retro bulb (that I was not expecting nor would I have even thought of.)  All that you delivered, and more -  truly value laden "plus."  But, what I am really thinking right now involves for me a personal walk down memory lane.  I'm thinking about being raised by loving parents in a home that included an old candlestick "lamp phone."  Just the sight of your phone is bringing back to me a flood of positive memories.  Ironically, my mother, Lucille Jakel Stiner, who just passed away on Christmas day 2016 was raised in Baron, Wisconsin.  She was a nurse in World War II having been trained at Saint Joseph's Nursing School in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  That is how she met my father.  Although she did not reside in Wisconsin after World War II, my fondness for the State of Wisconsin is made even greater due to the work you have done.  I may not have my parents any longer, but I have a beautiful token of them in this phone.  Your craftsmanship is helping me enjoy a very special and Merry Christmas 2017.
Best wishes to you and your family and thank you so much.
                                 Joel Stiener


Hi Mark,




Just a quick note to tell you guys how pleased I am with the phone I  purchased from you.  You shipped quickly, the package came in perfect  condition and the phone is everything I expected. 

 I have attached a photo of the phone installed in it’s new home.  The  phone was very easy to install and with the addition of the pulse to digital  converter you suggested, the phone worked perfectly out of the box for both  incoming and outgoing calls.

 Thanks for helping me include this amazing new feature that adds so much  more character to my garage.  I will certainly tell anyone that is looking  for a vintage phone to check out your website before going anywhere else.  

Thanks again! Regards,

Mike Steele

Hi Mark,

Just got the phone about two hours ago. It looks awesome; it was going to be a Christmas present for my wife. But, you can guess who walked in the room  as I was taking it out of the box. Yea, it was her she went nuts over it. It is already on a phone stand in our living room. Guess I’ll have to find something for her to open on Christmas day…..
Thanks again,
David PenneyGood afternoon,
The chrome coin vault door for my circa 1956 Automatic Electric payphone arrived today.
 It is perfect and looks beautiful on my phone (image attached). 
Please accept this as a testimonial of my complete satisfaction with you and your products. I have been doing business with you for many years and have always had excellent experiences. Your prices are fair and communications are always quick and responsive. Thank you. 
You may cut and paste the above into your testimonial page on your website.
Mark Mathosian,
Advance, NC.