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Old phone shop has the  knowledge of the current value of your telephones, collections and estates and will gladly give you a written appraisal on your collection. There may be a small fee involved.

 Apprasials we have done include written insurance appraisals, collection and estate apprasials aiding auction houses and others  considering putting vintage telephones up for auction.

 Our fees depend on the amount of work involved or if travel is needed. 

We also have done apprasials for divorce settlements.    

 Antique telephones and telephone collecting is our passion and we will make sure you receive the highest amount of money possible. If needed we can sell your items for you by auction bringing you the highest value possible.

 Apprasials can be done in several ways. The lowest cost would be by photographs. We have also traveled to view collections.

 If you do not want to go through with problems of selling your items we will also either purchase what you have, or find a buyer for you.

 Whatever your needs are feel free to call us. 1(414)425-1622 or email us at phoneman@oldphoneshop.com