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Antique Telephones

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Vintage telephones are making a huge comeback in the home. Many have these antique telephone sitting around in the attic, basement or in storage. Some were handed down from an older relative and some were purchased many years ago and forgotten lying around collecting dust for decades.

These old phones can be restored to look new again. Once they are restored they are a thing of beauty and reminder of times gone by.  A great piece of history that never should be discarded. There is something wonderful about hearing these brass bells ring. 

Any antique telephone can be made to work and fully function with today systems. 

Imagine fully using  the vintage telephone that was given to you years ago. We at Old  Phone Shop are seeing more old wooden wall phones coming into us for complete restorations  which include making them fully usable. Another old telephone that interest has now peaked on is Candlestick telephones. 

There is nothing as awesome as having a fully working antique telephone. Its no wonder they are gaining in popularity and the value of these vintage telephones is increasing.  

Old Phone Shop is a business located in Franklin Wisconsin that has performed many telephone restorations for people on all sides of the globe. Antique telephone restoration is becoming more and more popular with people. People from ages 30 to 78 have a high level of interest and are catching the vintage telephone bug.

The Old Phone Shop also has  all the original and reproduction telephone parts needed for any telephone restoration 

Some people who are inclined enjoy restoring these old telephones themselves. Anything possible thats needed can be found at www.oldphoneshop.com

 At Old Phone Shop  we are involved with all aspects of the antique telephone business. We can offer great advice on all aspects of telephone restoration. 

Old Phone Shop also sells a large selection of completely restored Antique telephones for sale. One look at their beautiful restorations and you will be hooked.