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3 Slot Payphones are very popular for many reasons

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Pay phones have many things going for them . One reason is they are very nostalgic . Some wish to display them with vintage cars, vintage motorcycles and other thing .

A second reason is that they are coin operated and there are many enthusiasts that love coin operated things.

A quarter, dime and a nickle all make different sounds hitting the gong when dropped thru the coin guage.  Many also like the rotary dial besides and that makes them all the better.  

These 3 slot payphone can be made to work and you can use it in your home like a regular phone . 

Old Phone Shop  carries a good selection of 3 slot payphone parts, original and reproduction.

We offer advice to help you with all your 3 slot payphone needs . We also carry a selection of  fully restored payphone phones

 Restoring old 3 slot payphones is one of our specialties , Instead of going through the headache of telephone restoration, Old Phone Shop will get that old payphone working for you  so you can use it in your home or business . 

We have made a kit to help you to make your Northern Electric and Western Electric payphone to work . Many customers have sucessfully  used our kits and have enjoyed doing the work themselves . Many times with some of our help .  We also manufacture hard to find  3 slot pay phone parts .One recent item we reproduced  is a bronze Gray / Automatic Electric switch hook for 2 piece payphones.  

Old Phone Shop carries payphone locks and keys for all 3 slot pay phone . We also carry books on payphones and we have one of the largest selections of pay phone signs . You can also contact us on the internet by going to www.oldphoneshop.com and using our Contact Us page . We are glad to help you with every aspect of the 3 slot payphone